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Coal & Clay Detox BarSoap with Tea Tree, Lavender, Mint

139 kr

The ultimate detox facial bar for unbalanced problem skin with activated charcoal and kaolin clay.

Activated Charcoal, the black layers in the soap, pulls impurities and toxins from the skin like a magnet. It is often used in soaps and other skin products for problem skin, such as acne. Charcoal is an all natural skin treatment and works by trapping toxins in its millions of tiny pores. (It doesn’t absorb the toxins, however. Instead it works through the chemical process of adsorption. Adsorption is the chemical reaction where elements bind to a surface.)

The white layers in the soap are made with fine grained Kaolin clay. Kaolin is deep cleansing, astringent and mild enough for very sensitive skin. It contains several minerals and is often used in face masks and shampoos to normalize an unbalanced scalp.

This soap bar has an antiseptic scent from Tea tree oil, Lavender and Peppermint. The soap base is made from organic Olive oil, organic Coconut oil and organic Castor oil. Organic Almond oil is also added late in the soap making process to nourish, condition and moisturise the skin.

INCI: sodium olivate*, sodium cocoate*, sodium ricinoleate*, aqua, prunus dulcis*, glycerine, activated charcoal CI 77268:1, kaolinite, melaleuca alternafolia*, lavandula angustifolia*,  mentha piperita* (essential oils) linalool. 
(*organic ingredient)

Ingredients: saponified olive oil, saponified coconut oil, saponified castor oil, almond oil, glycerine, activated charcoal, kaolin clay, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint. 

Store in a dry place on a soap saver. Let the soap dry properly in between uses and it will last a long time. Each bar weighs about 150 grams (5,2 oz). These soaps are crafted with the so-called swirl technique. Since it's a craftsmanship method, soaps vary in appearance, every soap bar is unique!

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