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Body Care Box

599 kr

A nicely composed gift box with organic handmade body care products from Värmland that suits most people! The box contains:
Calendula Body Balm - a classic marigold ointment with many uses. 
2. Earth My Body - body massage oil. A grounding soothing body oil that can be used both for massage or pure hydration for the skin, for example after a shower / bath.
Coal & Clay - handmade solid soap with activated carbon and kaolin (white clay). Mint, Tea tree and lavender from genuine essential oils contribute with a fresh and cleansing scent.
4. Lip balm with marigold - an organic lip balm made with only the best oils and waxes for dry and sensitive lips. Unscented and in plastic-free packaging (cardboard tube with push function.)

All products are organic, of the highest quality and produced in Värmland. They are free of synthetic perfume, dyes and preservatives. The box is in black cardboard and we pack the products in locally produced wood wool from Brunskog.

 More about the products: 

Calendula Balm - marigold ointment. Award-winning Body Balm Calendula is one of our absolute top sellers. Classic organic marigold ointment for the whole body is a bit of a miracle cure for dry and irritated skin. Softens, soothes and protects exposed areas, everything from hands and feet to dry legs and even face in cold and windy weather. Calendula Body Balm is also a very nice all-around moisturizer for children and baby care. Petals from Calendula officinalis (marigold) are harvested by hand and then soaked in organic oil for at least 6 weeks so all active substances dissolve in the oil. We also add organic shea butter and locally produced Swedish beeswax. Organic essential oil of lavender and geranium helps to soothe and balance irritated skin. This ointment has also been shown to soothe itching and stinging from insects and mosquito bites. In 2020, Calendula Body Balm won the award Best Made in Sweden at the Organic Beauty Awards.

Earth My Body - grounding, soothing, harmonizing massage and body oil. With a base of organic sesame oil, thistle oil and avocado oil, it is wonderful both for massage and for moisturizing the skin after a shower or bath. A nice evening oil when you want to unwind, or in connection with yoga and meditation. The oil contains lovely, dull base notes from genuine essential oils, including patchouli, vetiver grass, cedar topped with mandarin and ylang ylang. Exclusive dark violet UV-protective glass bottle keeps the oils fresh for a long time. Black pump dispenses the oil easily without spillage. Small hood protects and locks the pump.

Coal & Clay - handmade eco-soap with mint, tea tree and lavender. 
The ultimate detox soap, perfect as a facial cleanser for unbalanced skin or a comfortable soap for body and hands. The soap contains activated carbon and kaolin clay. Activated carbon, the black fields in the soap, attracts impurities and toxins from the skin like a magnet. Activated carbon is often used in soaps and other skin products for problem skin. Carbon is completely natural and works by trapping toxins in its millions of small pores. (However, carbon does not absorb the toxins. Instead, it works by adsorption, which is the chemical reaction in which elements bind to a surface.) The white layers of the soap contain fine-grained kaolin clay. Kaolin is a deep cleansing, astringent and mild enough for very sensitive skin. Kaolin clay contains several different minerals and is often used in face masks and shampoos to normalize an unbalanced scalp. This soap also contains oil from bactericidal tea tree, soothing lavender and cleansing peppermint. The soap base is made from organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic castor oil. 

Lip Serum Natural - organic lip sera with soothing and healing marigold extract and nutritious avocado and jojoba oil. In combination with protective and emollient shea butter, beeswax and cocoa butter, it is a very healing protection for dry and chapped lips. Many commercial cerats are made from petroleum jelly and paraffin oils. These are cheap waste products from the petroleum industry. These oils settle like a film on the skin and neither nourish nor heal. They also do not contain vitamins. Do yourself and and the planet a favor and choose a vegetable and organic alternative that protects, cares for and heals dry lips for real. Our cerat and lip balms are completely organic and the result of many years of exploration and laboratory work. The ingredients are carefully selected and combined to provide the best possible care and moisturizing. All content is edible and can also be used for children. 10 ml plastic-free cardboard sleeve with push function. 

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