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Barber Box - organic and vegan

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A stylish gift box for those who are interested in traditional wet shaving! Perfect for Father's Day, Christmas present, student, or gift for employees / staff gift.

The barber box contains the following:

1. optional handmade organic shaving soap in a round tin box (choose between Citrus / Cedar or Tar in the drop-down menu!)
2. High quality shaving brush with black wooden handle
3. organic After shave balm with Trollhassel which soothes, moisturizes and prevents the appearance of skin irritation.

The products are nicely packed in a black box with locally produced wood wool.

Traditional wet shaving with a planer and associated products has in recent years gained increased interest in Sweden. A shaving soap is very different from a regular soap in that it must be able to produce a very firm and dense lather that stays stable and creamy for a long time, at least for 20 minutes. The foam should build up in and around the moistened brush when you circle it over the soap. This may require a little practice for the beginner, but with a high quality soap it is quick to get the cuts in! You also avoid all the boring chemicals that "modern" shaving foam contains. After shaving, rinse off the residue with lukewarm and then cold water and bathe the skin dry with a clean towel.

Finish with our organic After Shave Balm, a mild and emollient shaving balm. It is free from both strong perfume and unnecessary chemicals. When the skin is exposed to shaving, small wounds often appear which can give rise to shaving fins and redness. This After Shave Balm contains no drying alcohol but soothes, tightens and moisturizes with the help of herbs and organic oils. The feeling is incredibly smooth and a little slightly cooling. The fine scent comes from organic essential oils of cedar, rosemary, bergamot, bay leaf and olibanum. 60 ml glass jar with screw cap in metal. Verdict: "A real quality product! Soothes the skin after shaving, feels nice and moisturizing. Absorbs quickly without the skin becoming oily. Great scent!"

The products are organic and handmade in Värmland.

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