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Rhassoul Lava Clay Soap with Vetiver


All organic artisan soap bar with moroccan Rhassoul lava clay and Vetiver organic essential oil.

This bar has a delicious scent from organic Vetiver essential oil. Soap base is made from organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic castor oil. Organic almond oil is added late in the soap making process to nourish and condition the skin.

Natural Rhassoul (Moroccan Lava Clay) is a simple ingredient that can do extraordinary things. It can cleanse the skin and hair, gently exfoliate, and help absorb oil. Rhassoul clay is known for its absorbing properties and silky texture. Not only that, but it has a higher percentage of silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium than other clays. Despite the powerful absorbing properties, rhassoul also works for dry and sensitive skin.

Vetiver Essential Oil is steam distilled from the roots of wild crafted Vetiveria zizanoides grass.

INCI: sodium olivate*, sodium cocoate*, sodium ricinoleate*, prunus dulcis*, glycerine, moroccan lava clay rhassoul, vetiveria zizanoides*.
(*certified organic ingredient)

Ingredients: saponified olive oil, saponified coconut oil, saponified castor oil, almond oil, glycerine, rhassoul, vetiver essential oil

Each bar weighs about 120 grams (4,2 oz) and measures 7x7x2,5 cm. (2,7x2,7x1 inches)

Store in a dry place on a soap saver and let the soap dry properly in between uses. This way it will last a long time.

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