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Organic Mustache Styling Wax - Juniper Pine


Organic Mustache Styling Wax "Enbär" has a lovely scent of Juniper and Pine essential oil blend. It's an all natural medium hold wax which can also be used as a Beard Balm. Will end bristling and keep facial hair in place. Moisturizes both skin and hair and prevents itching/flaking. Adds a discreet shine. 

Handmade in Sweden from organic ingredients of the highest quality.
Scented with fresh classical juniper and pine essential oils.

To use: massage a tiny bit of wax between your fingers to soften. Apply to moustache/beard and create your own personal style. A little goes a long way!

30 ml (1 Oz) round tin.

INCI: cera flava*, cocos nucifera*, butyros permum parkii*, ricinus communis*, simmondsia chinensis*, pinus sylvestris, juniperus communis.

* = organic ingredient

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