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Safety Razor - Bamboo/Stainless steel

Beautiful unisex safety razor in Bamboo and stainless steel that gives a close shave. Works perfectly both for shaving beard and legs.

Many want to reduce their plastic use and understand that all disposable razors you use are not very good for the environment. Neither do they give as close shavings as you want and in the long run become very expensive.

You might have great respect for shaving with safety razor. One is simply being afraid of cutting and unsure of how to do it. Here is a little instruction:
First, we want the skin to be moist and the pores to open. Shower or soak the skin in any other way, apply a shaving foam (preferably from our lovely shaving soap) with a good shaving brush. The shaving brush also helps to lift the hair strands.

Stretch the skin with one hand so that the skin is smooth. Place the planer against the skin at a 90 degree angle and slowly angle the planer until the razor blade hits the skin. DO NOT press - it is the weight of the razor head and the sharp razor blades that do the job. Shave the hair and rinse the razor between the drawers. (If the accident occurs and you cut yourself, the best help is an alcohol pointer - keeping it against the wound puts the blood flow directly.)

Rinse the shaving cream as soon as you shave. Tip - try to rinse with cold water if you easily get razors - cold water closes the pores. Moisten with an After shave balm.


Your razor is an investment in durability. Give it the simple maintenance it wants it will stay fresh for a long time. After shaving, screw it up, rinse off between the parts, dry and screw back together again.

All Bambaw's bamboo products are organically grown on bamboo farms in Indonesia and China. Bambaw also ensures that social and environmental aspects are ethically OK, eg that the workers on the farms get well paid and that they have good working environment. In order to achieve this, Bambaw works closely with its partners and helps them develop their production in a sustainable way to minimize the environmental impact of production.

L: 11.3 cm Weight: 87 grams
Material: metal, handle in Bamboo

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